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Pacstar Computer Service

Pacstar Service Centre with over 10 years experience, you can trust our qualified technicians to offer you various IT services such as PC, Notebook and Server Repairs, Virus, Spyware, Hijacking, Data-Backups, Networks, Consultation.

On-Site Service & Repair

We come to you and provide service and/or repairs on-site, on the spot, for maximum convenience.

Networks, Broadband Internet Service

With our network service, multiple computers can share a single internet connection, a single printer as well as share files between one another. Now with the emergence of wireless networking, you can enjoy all of these benefits without the pesky cables of traditional networks.

Virus, Spyware, Malware, Adware Detection & Removal

Is your computer's performance sluggish? Viruses, spyware and adware can all have a disastrous effect on your PC resulting in anything from theft of your personal data, to loss or corruption of your files, to a full scale system crash.

Upgrades Your Old System

Is your computer struggling to keep up with you? Is it too slow? Or perhaps it doesn't have enough space? If your computing experience is suffering due to your PC's lacklustre performance, call now and let us bring the joy back into your computing!

Computer System Maintenance

We provide help for your PC Health. Let us help you with your computer and windows networks, and keep them running smoothly. We are a Microsoft Authorized Reseller and Software Advisor.

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